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We test, assess the condition of and repair not only our own products but third party ballscrews as well.

We also provide full repair services for turret types BA150L and BA200 with short deadlines, and arrange for the supply of spare parts.


HAve you had any questions arisen during the ballsrcrew design process? Call us! Our constructor team has considerable experience and they will be happy to provide assistance. We even supply technical guides for ballscrew design if requested.
Please find the contact details of our staff under the menu option 'Contact Us'


If it is requested, we dimension your existing ballscrews before providing a quotation to produce a new ballscrew. Dimensioning, of course, may take place at your premises.


We also provide opportunity for our Customers to have other parts manufactured, taking advantage of the spare capacity of our equipment. Find out more about the technical parameters under the menu option 'Plant'. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.


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