Development cannot be stopped – even in a crisis.

Szimikron Ltd. was established in 1992, so its 20th financial year is 2011.

It was established as a subsidiary of SZIM (Machine Tool Industries) and manufactures ball spindles, tool turrets and, as a result of the last 10 years of development, patented programmable hydraulic power chucks with in Kecskemét.

The ball screws are machine elements used in modern machine tools – CNC lathes, machining stations, grinding machines – for moving units of industrial and medical equipment, for driving linear slides, where high positioning accuracy, load capacity, rigidity, high efficiency and long service life are required. The tool turrets are Baruffaldi and SAUTER, the latter of which SZIMIKRON Ltd. is only engaged in the repair and representation of the company. The company’s philosophy is that modern products always find a place in the world market, so developments are the fundamental determinant of a company’s destiny, whether it is product development or technological development. However, the priority is probably product development, as it can ensure the profitability of a company to a much greater extent than even contract work or the production of components using the latest technology.

Over the past 15 years, the company has attracted significant resources for product and technology development through more than 20 tenders for public funding. Since the largest part of the turnover of the products manufactured is made up of ball spindles, it was clear that a great emphasis should be placed on the development of this product. The most recent development to meet the market needs was the development of high-rise, heavy-duty ball spindles using special technology (GOP-1.3.1-09/A-2010), the first examples of which will be on display at MACH-TECH 2011, where the company’s experts will be able to provide more information. The production of this new product is carried out within the existing technological potential, after solving complex geometrical problems. It will be possible to grind the thread profile of ball screws with the necessary and sufficient precision using a special technology. In recent years, a complex technological development has also been carried out, which, also using the above principle, allows the grinding of the thread profile of ball screw nuts on a CNC (STUDER) grinding machine, supported by special software.Naturally, the technology required the most modern production and measuring equipment in the world, which was also purchased with the aid of a grant.

In addition to its own human resources, the company needed the help of the Department of Machine Tools of the University of Miskolc for the above developments, which was available throughout the entire development process. The company’s management plans to present the complete range of programmable jaw chucks at the EMO in Hannover in 2011. Recent years have also shown that not only does the technical development cost a lot of money, but that the labour and other costs required to get to market are almost as expensive as the development itself. To be successful, products need to be shown at major exhibitions abroad. Participation in such foreign exhibitions involves considerable expenditure, but without it, the expansion of production is unthinkable.After many years of development work – with the collaboration of the Machine Tool Department of the University of Miskolc – the hydraulic chuck family based on the inventions of Professor József Tajnafői, has been developed, which also has standard size versions in D175,210,254,315. Up to now, there was no hydraulic chuck on the market that could reliably perform the programmable changeover of the chuck jaws without major modifications to the basic machine.