Engineering services

40 years of manufacturing experience
High technical standards of production are guaranteed by the use of modern technologies, the result of continuous development.

Professional repair services

We undertake inspection, condition assessment and repair of ball screws.
BA150LBA200 tool turrets and SAUTER turrets.

Design and dimensioning

You need information for designing a ball screw? Our experienced design team is ready to assist you. We can also provide a ball screw design guide. If necessary, we dimension your existing ball screw before quoting for a newly manufactured product. Sizing can also take place at the client's site.

Training, technical advisory

Manufacturing processes, training related to ball screw in-house or off-site.

Custom parts production

Our company manufacture custom parts depending on the capacity of our machinery. For more technical parameters, please visit Technology page. In case of any questions and quotation requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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