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Trapezoidal screws

Trapezoidal screws are suitable for the movement of conventional machine tools and equipment, for the general needs of machine building, where simple and reliable, even high load motion transfer is required.

Manufactured types

The size charts show our standard types and sizes. In case of custom requirement, please contact our sales team.


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User guide of trapezoidal screw 

General characteristics of our trapezoidal screws

Production technology

whirled / rolled

Accuracy classes

DIN 103 / 7E tolerance

Thread deviation

0,5/300 mm - 0,18/300 mm
0,1/300 mm - 0,3/300 mm

Material quality

whirled: C15, C45, APb1, CMo4
rolled: C15
Nut: Bzö12, Rg7, Öv220, Plastic

Felhasználási útmutató

Following the parameters and sequence below:
  • nominal diameter: 40 mm
  • thread pitch: 20 mm, right
  • ball size: 7,144 mm
  • thread length: 1040 mm
  • total length: 1280 mm
  • nut: 4-4 threads, flanged and cylindrical double nut
  • wiper: both ends
  • accuracy class: class 3
Based on the above, the designation is: 40.20R. 7,144. 1040/1280 (AFV–AZV)/4–T3

The ball screw endings are designed according to drawings provided by customers. The ISO 3408 EU standard shall be used as a guide for the specification of tolerances on shape and positioning corresponding to the accuracy class.

Ball screws require precise and rigid installation. Both the parallelism deviation between the spindle and the guide rail and the deviation of the nut mounting inclination must be kept within minimum tolerances.

Ball screws can be lubricated with basically the same lubricants as rolling bearings, but the lubricant consumption is higher. The lubricant can be oil or grease. Oil lubrication allows higher speed because the it heats up less, than grease lubrication.

For grease lubrication, re-lubrication every 6 months or so after the running-in cycle is sufficient.

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