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TN type
standard hydraulic chucks

The main features of the TN type standard hydraulic chucks are identical to the traction driven chucks.

The piston of the hydraulic clamping cylinder, attached to the end of the main screw, drives the central pulling head of the chuck through a tube passing through the bore of the main screw, the central nut and the pulley, which forces the internal jaws to move radially through the spline. Clamping jaws are radially adjustable on the teeth on the front face of the inner jaws. The jaws may be of hardened or soft jaw design.

Normal chucks, unlike automatic jaw chucks, do not require any special requirements from CNC lathes, i.e. older controllers or hydraulic actuators can normally be used. Automatic chucks require the ability to position the main screw and a modern controller capable of monitoring/processing it.


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TN power chuck user manual

Technical data

TAF 210
TAF 254
Outer diameter
Ø 210
Ø 254
Thru-hole diameter
45 mm
70 mm
124 mm
120 mm
Tool spindle conncection DIN55026
Mounting bolts pitch circle diameter
133,4 mm
171,4 mm
Mounting bolts diameter
M 12
M 16
Inner jaw thrust
5 mm
5 mm
Drawnut connection
Diameter change
by one-time jaw step
10 mm
10 mm
Max. clamping force of jaws
59 kN
110 kN
Max. traction of wedge
27,5 kN
41,2 kN
Max. oil pressure (kgf/cm2)
Max. rpm (1/min)
20 kg
43 kg
Rotational inertia (kgm2)
Grip diameter maximum
210 mm
254 mm
Grip diameter minimum
10 mm
10 mm